Wickie Wackie live – The Return

It’s not just an event, it’s an experience.” – Demar Gayle, Raging Fyah keyboardist.
The return of Wickie Wackie live drew hordes of lovers of live Reggae music to Bull Bay to lyme and enjoy the likes of Demetrius, Pentateuch, Keida, Sky Grass, Jesse Royal, and Raging Fyah. Wickie Wackie provides a much needed escape from the bustle of Kingston to the easy vibe of Reggae on the beach. You enter the venue to conscious music being played at just the right volume for people to engage in small talk and enjoy the calming sound of the waves rolling in. Just as you are about to get lost in the atmosphere, your nose is greeted by the sweet aroma of ital food being cooked on location.
An space where positive people can meet, socialize and enjoy uplifting music manifested at Wickie Wackie on Saturday night for the first time in over a year. Gates opened at 4 in the afternoon, treating those who arrived early to a trademark south coast sunset. Comfortable seating, mood lighting and soft conversation makes it clear to even first timers that the event is not your regular party or event.
Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts was well represented as Demetrius, Jermaine Blake and Pentateuch delivered moving sets of original music. The most memorable moment of the night came during the first performer, Demetrius’ set when all of Bull Bay experienced a power outage and the entire venue was pitched into darkness. Neither the performers nor the patrons were phased by this, as all drew closer to the stage to enjoy an intimate acapella performance by Demetrius and a member of the One Drop Band, lit only by a camera light. Demetrius did well to connect with the females in the crowd as they caught each note the singer hit.
All six performances were well received by the audience who enjoyed the positive vibrations throughout. Rapidly rising young reggae sensations and event promoters Raging Fyah never missed a beat and gave credibility to their recent ascension onto the international reggae scene, on point with a sleuth of hits off their successful debut album Judgement Day.
Having helped to launch a number of careers from this new generation of reggae musicians, Wickie Wackie Live seems set to make its comeback as the premier monthly Reggae event.

Wickie Wackie Live – The Return
A DSE Shorts Story.
Production Team
Producer & Story Writer: Learie Holt
Camera Operator: eL Puru/ Travis Longford
Post Production Squad: DSE
All music courtesy: Dre Island/Sky Grass/Keida/Pentateuch/Jesse Royal/Ragin Fyah
@directorkush @Nisha_Rebel @Ragingfyah @JesseRoyal1 @Pentateuchband @Skygrass @KEIDAMUSIC @LeKushite

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