Vybz Kartel’s Lawyer Speaks About Bail Oct 26 2011

Earlier this month Vybz Kartel was arrested for a number of alleged crimes.

The charges are 2 murders, conspiracy to commit murder, possession of an illegal firearm and marijuana possession.

He appeared in court last week to appeal for bail but was unable to as the defense had not received documents pertaining to a witness’ statement. His new court date was then set to today the 26th of October.

So we at Jussbuss decided to go to the Half Way Tree Resident’s Magistrate court to see for ourselves the progress of his case AND what would be the outcome of his appeal in light of the plethora of charges.

Within moments of our arrival at the court house we were greeted by fans and well-wishers showing there undying support for the Teacher.

As we set out to see what information we could gather, a confident Tom Tavares-Finson, One of Vybz Kartel’s highly esteemed attorneys, was spotted entering the court house.

As the day progressed we spoke to some of the supporters to get their views on the teacher’s situation.

After a long wait in a sun that seemed to be relentless at times, Chris Tavares-Finson, another member of Vybz Kartel’s legal counsel, finally emerged to address the media on the results of Kartel’s bail appeal.

SO there you have it.
A bail application was made for one of the murder charges but the judge did not make a decision to grant bail or not. So kartel is still remanded until his new court date – which is next week Wednesday the 2nd of November.

He is also set to appear in court next week Monday for other related charges.

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11 years ago

JussBuss Tv mi love unuh….. Mi nuh really know how fi defend Kartel cause it look kinda suspect and he keep getting in this kinnd of situations. Him done have di money and the place lock with the music and style just gwan kool no need fi ina di badman movements