Reported Tommy Lee show flops in Trinidad, 9 people show.

Dancehall artist, Tommy Lee Sparta has become a fan favorite amongst a significant amount of dancehall followers in Jamaica, enjoying packed performances, such as STING,Reggae Sumfest and other stage shows. On Saturday March 23rd, however, the ‘Gaza’ deejay most likely shocked to see only nine people at his concert in Trinidad as he was the headline.

The ‘Gaza’ deejay was booked to perform at Guarracarra Park in southern Trinidad Saturday night. However, the show was reportedly called off around 2 a.m. Sunday morning as a result of the skanty turnout.

Known for his gothic style and demonic references in songs like Uncle Demon (Shook) and Goat Head, Trinidadians apparently tuned out the gimmick as one local there told Pellau Magazine, “It’s hard to get Trinis to stand together, but we sent a loud message. We don’t accept and endorse the demonic behavior of Tommy Lee. He should not be on our island.”

One Trinidadian promoter pointed to recent violence in the country as a possible cause. “That’s what happens when you do stage shows in country, And when you don’t take into consideration that most of the people that listen to Tommy Lee are ‘bad boys’ and high school kids in the city, and since most bad man areas in Trinidad warring right now, nobody coming out.”

This news comes a month after Tommy Lee Sparta was denied a Canadian visa just days before being scheduled to headline a three-show tour in Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls.

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