Still riding high from his most recent single Gnarly, dancehall/reggae artiste Rasqo has dropped the follow-up single titled Nuh Fren From Dem.

The inescapabzle tune was produced by Nikolas ‘Sniggy’ Silvera for Head Concussion Records.

According to Rasqo, the song Nuh Fren From Dem was inspired by a real-life experience.

“I had a former friend who turned out to be one of my worst enemies, so that’s really where the idea for the song came from”, Rasqo explained in a release to the media.

Rasqo (note the new spelling of his name) is upbeat about the new single. The track has been getting a lot of views on YouTube, and the feedback from the public has been positive.

upcoming performance

“Everyone can relate to the story in one way or another. The feedback has been really good and the fans seem to love it”, Rasqo pointed out.

His previous single Gnarly is currently a hot track on the dancehall scene in Costa Rica. The artiste is looking forward to his upcoming performance there, to connect with fans.

He recently altered the spelling of his name. The change he said, reflects a different artiste who is ready to launch an attack on the musical radar.

“The Q in Rasqo represents change. The Rasco with the ‘C’ was a cool, calm person. The Rasqo with the ‘Q’ ready to launch the attack. You would think I was born in Iraq,” he said jokingly.

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