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My Talent

Becoming the Next Jussbuss.Tv Story…

What are we looking for in a Jussbuss.Tv Story?

We all want to see new and original talent. You don’t have to be a singer, a producer or a next top model, even though thats all good too! Have a look at this video to get a sense of whats going on here.

We think, you know what we mean, this is a creative challenge, have fun with it. Wer’e looking for something fresh to share with the Jussbuss Network.

Why should I enter?

Sometimes we need a challenge to get us motivated. Why not get some recognition for your coolness? If you are selected to be a story, we extend an offer to have a follow up session some time after your initial video. Selected talents will also be featured in banners on the site and be listed on Jussbuss as a Jussbuss Icon.

How Do I Enter ?

1. Create a 30 second video under 300Mb,Tell us your full name,where your from and what you do in the beginning, display your talent in the middle and shamelessly promote yourself in the end. (read the rules.)

2. Upload your 30 second video under 300Mb to the following website:
– www.sendspace.com

3. Email: MyTalent@jussbuss.tv, putting a link to you file on sendspace, and a three to four sentence description of yourself and talent, including your preferred contact information. Enter “My Talent Entry” in the beginning of the email subject.


1. Submissions must be no more than 30 seconds long.
2. You are not allowed to upload any video that you have not created yourself.

How To Avoid Getting Your Video Rejected

1. Follow all of the rules above.

Then What?

The Jussbuss Staff guarantees that all emails submitted to MyTalent@jussbuss.tv will be reviewed, however we simply cannot guarantee a reply. We will reply if you have submitted content that motivates us to do so.

If you are selected we will contact you via the contact information you submitted. From that point we will work together to tell your story.

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