Iyara and Munga to Have Sting Face-off?

At least two songs have been recorded by Bounty Killer’s Alliance Next Generation (ANG) members aimed at dancehall artiste Munga. The songs are regarded as dis songs and are a reflection of the current disdain that the Alliance camp feels for dancehall artiste Munga Honourable since he sent a derogatory tweet to Bounty Killer in a recent Twitter rant between the two artistes.

Bounty Killer’s newest protégé Kalado has a single called DoAE (Death Of Alliance Enemies), and Iyara’s effort is called Ready Fi Kill. Kalado disclosed that the Alliance members will not entertain disrespect from other artistes.

“Mi did quiet from morning because mi a nuh trouble mecka, but I am a part of a family and a man a throw word and mi decide fi answer him. People seem to love feud but I don’t really pree feud because I am looking at the bigger picture. But if Munga feel like him waah answer, it’s just a piece a cake that is when the world would see how dangerous I am. Mi not even see nobody fi match mi right now, that is why mi nuh guh a di playing field,” Kalado said.

Kalado, who had distanced himself from previous Alliance feuds, took the opportunity to challenge all of Alliance’s rivals in the song. Names like Super Hype, Tommy Lee Sparta and (GMC) Gyptian, Munga and Chi Ching Ching were not spared. However, 007’s top man Supa Hype says he will not respond to trivial feuds.

“I have nothing to say about that. I am not really involved, but they choose to call my name and they are of no concern to me, it doesn’t even matter. A nuh like a Rick Ross a call mi name wey cudda help me. I am a lover not a fighter, suh enjoy unno career and duh unno thing,” Supa Hype said.

Likkle bwoy

The man at the centre of the controversy, Munga Honourable, said he is unaware of the existence of an ANG.

“Who name ANG? Bounty send mi a tweet and mi reply to Bounty Killer. Mi nuh inna nuh chatting wid nuh likkle bwoy. Dem fi listen out fi Mad Rhyme, one of my likkle students. Dem likkle deejay deh nuh inna mi league. A who dem? A who dat man? I wouldn’t even clash dem because mi woulda downgrade miself,” Munga said.

However, the outspoken Iyara, who received his first clash honour at last year’s staging of Sting, contends that if Munga Honourable is at the level which he proclaims to be, he should show up at Sting for war.

“Wi nuh deh pon him level? Him right, because wi nuh deh suh low like him, nuh him sey anything a anything inna song. Suh mek him nuh step out now, wey him a run fah? Him alone cyah guh manage wi, him a guh need Munga, Autotune and Mellodime. Bout wi nuh deh pon yu level? A fraid yu fraid a pebble, from yu brave enough fi dis di thing wi brave enough fi write yu off. Mi nuh know nothing bout Sting this year, but if Munga feel like him bad mek him put him foot ova Sting. Laing wudda need fi book three stage band and three casket fi Munga, Autotune and Mellodime because him a guh need dem,” Iyara said.

Kalado recently released two music videos for his singles Whole Night and Make Me Feel. Sting is scheduled for Boxing Day, December 26


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