Busy signal makes global comeback

Source: Jamaica Observer
Dancehall star Busy Signal, since his release, has been making strides in the music industry dropping new singles such as Defence, Come Shock Out and Jail Juice.
His latest product, Reggae Music Again, has managed to cop the number seven slot in BBC’s Music’s top 25 Best of the Year albums. BBC Music writer, Lloyd Bradley commented on Busy’s compilation.

“With Reggae Music Again Busy Signal builds on all the clever musicality of 2010’s to produce an album that, appropriately for the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence, immerses itself in reggae music heritage.”
Busy will also be a part of the Sting 2012 line-up on December 26 at Jamworld in Portmore.
Man dies after dancing Gangnam Style
A simple Christmas soirĂ©e at Lancashire’s Whitehall Country Club soon ended in tragedy after a 46-year-old man after dancing the Gangnam Style.
Eamonn Kilbride, husband and father of two, collapsed with chest pains after his performance to the tune by South Korean musician, Psy.
Efforts by paramedics to revive Kilbride proved futile as he was pronounced dead at Royal Blackburn Hospital. Reports from the coroner’s office stated that Kilbride died of coronary artery atheroma, which could be triggered by vigorous exercise.
Kilbride’s wife Julie reported that her husband “was always the life of the party and loved dancing”.
Five-year-old charges against Bounty Killer dropped
Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer can look forward to a stress-free Christmas as five-year-old charges made against him has been dropped.
Charges, which included illegal possession of firearm, assault at common law and unlawful wounding were dismissed on Monday when he appeared in Kingston’s Gun Court.
Charges against the Warlord were in relation to an incident where the deejay and one of his counterparts Calis Bowen allegedly assaulted an off-duty police officer in New Kingston.
The allegations were, however, withdrawn after it was revealed that evidence given by the complainant was contradicted by the statement made by a senior police officer.
Bounty Killer expressed: “I’m feeling so relieved right now. It was really a burden on my head the last five years because it was a serious case.”

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